Top Adventure Things to Try in Shimla Manali Tour

Shimla Manali tour

Himachal is full of stunning hill stations which are always calling tourists. Embarking on a Shimla Manali tour from Bangalore during rainy season is an charming one. It further opens up a world of thrilling sports amidst the landscapes of the Himalayas.

While the rain showers add magic to the region, they also create chances for adventures. The Shimla Kullu Manali package from Bangalore for couples is a great escape. Above all, that will leave you with joyful moments.

It offers white water rafting in gushing rivers to trekking through lush green valleys. Along with paragliding amidst stunning vistas, they further offer an array of thrills.

Join us as on a Shimla Manali tour to delve into the exciting sports. Mainly those which can be tried during rainy season.

1: River Rafting in the Beas River

The Beas River flowing through the valleys of Manali offers white water rafting experience. It can be further tried mainly during the rainy season.

As the rainwater swells the river, it creates rapids that are perfect for adventure seekers. Above all, you should have the trained guides and top notch safety measures in place. After that, enjoy an ride while going through the twists and turns of the river.

The ambiance and the cool mist of rain add an excitement of this adventure activity. River rafting in the Beas River is an absolute must try for thrill seekers. Mainly for those who are visiting Shimla and Manali during the rainy season.

2: Paragliding in Solang Valley

Solang Valley, near Manali, is a heaven for paragliding lovers. The rainy season brings with it ideal wind conditions.

They further offers a time to feel the thrill of soaring through the sky. As you take off, You will be greeted by amazing views of the nearby valleys. Meanwhile, you also see the snow capped peaks, and flowing waterfalls.

With skilled pilots and modern equipment, you can embark on a safe paragliding adventure. The mix of the monsoon clouds and the lush green landscapes creates a stunning backdrop.

So, do feel the thrill of paragliding in Solang Valley during your Shimla Manali tour. Above all, use the backdrop for this thrilling activity.

3: Trekking in the Himalayas

The rainy season offers a unique charm for trekking lovers coming Shimla and Manali. Its hills and valleys come alive with vibrant shades of green during rainy season.

The air is further filled with the aroma of wet earth. Here are a few famous treks in the region.

A: Hampta Pass Trek

Embark on a trek to great Hampta Pass, nestled between the Kullu and Lahaul valleys. The Hampa Pass trek takes you through lush meadows, forests, and snowy landscapes. Witness the beauty of nature as you go through rocky terrains and cross gushing streams.

The rainy season adds an extra thrill as you encounter waterfalls. Meanwhile, also witness the change of the landscape to lush green. Camping under starlit skies and calm of the mountains make this trek a remarkable adventure.

B: Beas Kund Trek

Set off on a scenic trek to Beas Kund, the source of the Beas River. This trek further takes you through scenic valleys, meadows, and panoramic mountain views.

The rainy season enhances the beauty of the trail with blooming wildflowers and cascading waterfalls. The serene lake at Beas Kund is a sight to behold. Meanwhile, it provides a serene setting for a peaceful retreat amidst natures bounty.

C: Bhrigu Lake Trek

Explore the mystical Bhrigu Lake, nestled at an elevation of 4300 meters. This trek offers charming views of snow covered peaks, lush meadows, and colorful alpine flowers. During the rainy season, the trail becomes more challenging.

After that, the reward is a tranquil lake surrounded by pristine beauty. Meanwhile, you can feel the thrill of high altitude trekking. Above all, immerse yourself in the pure wilderness of the Himalayas.

4: Mountain Biking in Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, offers thrills for mountain biking. The mountain biking is mainly famous during the rainy season. The misty forests, winding roads, and scenic landscapes provide an backdrop for biking lovers.

Whether you are a novice or a trained, Shimla has trails for all skill levels. It offers easy rides through apple orchards to difficult downhill descents. In short, you can explore the beauty of the region on two wheels.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you maneuver through narrow paths. Meanwhile take in the stunning views along the way.

Do not forget to further embrace the refreshing rain showers. Above all, enjoy cool breeze as you pedal your way through the hills of Shimla.

5: Camping amidst Natures Splendor

The rainy season in Shimla and Manali offers a chance for camping amidst natures splendor. You can see the rain soaked landscapes and feel the aroma of wet earth.

The sound of raindrops further falling on your tent makes camping a magical experience. Set up your campsite in serene locations surrounded by lush greenery. Above all, near gurgling streams or beside scenic lakes.

Enjoy bonfires, story telling sessions, and tasty meals under the open sky. Meanwhile, fall asleep to the sound of rain and wake up to refreshing morning mist.

In short, camping in Shimla and Manali during rains allows you to reconnect with nature. Above all, it allows to create pleasant memories with your loved ones.


This tour is a boon for thrill seekers mainly offers so many activities. A Shimla Manali tour from Bangalore during rainy season offers a bunch of thrilling adventures. You can do white water rafting in the Beas River and paragliding in Solang Valley.

You can embark on trekking in the Himalayas and mountain biking in Shimla. Above all you can also do camping amidst natures splendor. In short, there is some or the other thing for all.

Embrace the beauty of the rain soaked landscapes and feel the thrill. Also create exciting memories on this pleasant journey.

So, pack your bags and get ready to unleash your adventurous spirit. Embark on an incredible Shimla Manali tour from Bangalore further. It will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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