How to Make Money With News Posting Sites

Websites featuring relevant news content can establish themselves as credible and reliable, drawing in more organic search traffic to their site.

Press release submission sites can serve as valuable news resources for journalists looking for stories. They also can help your organization build link equity through earned media coverage.

Getting Relevant Content

News sites depend on several revenue streams to remain sustainable, with premium content becoming an increasingly popular means of monetizing news sites and increasing site traffic.

Another effective strategy for news websites to monetize their content is licensing content. This can be accomplished through freelance writers or by teaming up with an industry publisher; licensing content gives your news site greater coverage as well as gives you a head start in creating high-quality, timely and relevant stories.

Google only syndicates articles that meet certain quality standards. These standards include depth, variation, opinion expertise and trust – as well as uniqueness and grammar errors-freeness. To get your stories into the Google News carousel you may need to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These streamlined versions of your web articles can be optimized for mobile viewing.

For maximum exposure on Google Carousel, post multiple stories every day. To maximize this chance, employ multiple writers who can write up timely stories as events happen and submit them promptly to Google within hours.

Getting Permission to Republish

A news website must regularly source and repost relevant content, whether that means written articles, photographs or videos. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most original newspaper content is copyright protected and republishing an article without the appropriate license may be illegal and costly; licensing companies can often provide one copyright license covering multiple articles on your site as this saves your team a great deal of work.

PR Sync, BizEurope and UK PR Wire all provide content licensing solutions.

Creating a Reputation

News posting sites provide people with up-to-date information about current events and issues. Certain news websites specialize in certain subjects like politics, science or religion while others focus on local news stories. A website with a solid reputation as an authoritative source can gain more traffic while increasing its search engine visibility.

Some news aggregation websites feature an online voting system to select stories for front page publication; others – like Reddit and Digg – employ moderators who decide which articles get published, while Slashdot or Fark allow community discussion on article postings.

Another way for news websites to generate revenue is by selling advertising space, typically via banner or popup ads on its pages. Furthermore, news websites can also offer subscription packages to users interested in staying informed on developments related to specific fields.

Monetizing Your Website

While many news websites provide free content, there are also those who require subscription or pay-per-click models for accessing certain articles or features. These sites make money through affiliate links, direct sales of products or services and advertising networks such as Google Adsense.

Some of the top news aggregator websites feature an array of topics, from breaking business and political news to celebrity gossip. Many also provide social media discussion forums or comment sections so users can discuss what they read, as well as employ staff journalists who specialize in writing high-quality articles.

Add an e-commerce store that sells merchandise related to the topics covered on your website as a great way to monetize it and generate extra revenue streams. Setting this type of website up quickly can bring in extra earnings; alternatively, create products yourself or work with third-party manufacturers that can create them as needed.

Direct and native advertising are two other effective means of monetizing a website, respectively. Direct ad sales involve selling advertisements directly to businesses rather than through an ad network such as Google Adsense; to do this successfully you need to join publisher forums and learn the art of negotiation with advertisers.

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