Everything to Know About Custom Kraft Boxes

kraft boxes

Customers do not want to receive their ordered products in plastic packaging. Because they are aware of plastic pollution and how it is affecting our environment. Brands also become conscious about choosing the quality material for the packaging of their products. Custom kraft boxes are available in the market that are doing a great job for brands. Many successful names in the market have been using this type of packaging, including Nike, Adidas, etc. It helps minimize the risk of plastic pollution and promotes a healthy environment. 

Do you know how?

Kraft paper does not release chemicals as they are free of toxic elements and also recyclable. It provides a sturdy structure and keeps the products secure during shipment. It does not matter if you want a kraft paper-made box for small or large-size products, you can find its wide range in all sizes and shapes that keep the products in place. In this article, we will help you learn about its benefits for your brand.

Benefits of Using Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is the best choice for your business as it helps to target an eco-conscious customer base. Let’s explore more about its advantages. 

Keep Your Environment Healthy

For a brand, it has become crucial to go with the trends. We are all aware of the rise in plastic pollution and the packaging that is damaging our environment. Therefore, a kraft paper box is the best packaging that your brand needs. We cannot deny that kraft paper gives our products a classy and elegant touch, but you can also use it to save your surroundings. Do you know how?

Kraft paper is made of biodegradable material that does not contain any toxic elements and is also free of chemicals. People have become conscious about packaging material as they affect their health and also the environment.

Eco-friendly packaging always brings a positive response from customers. It builds a positive image of your brand and increases customer loyalty. Using such packaging symbolizes the quality of your products. 

Wood pulp is used for making kraft paper boxes. Do you know what does it mean? It makes kraft paper recyclable. You can use it for other purposes. It provides your products with the edge of being reusable and recyclable. 

Easy to Design or Shape

Unlike other materials, you get the freedom to print a variety of designs on kraft paper boxes. This paper allows you to print logos using different printing techniques. It has come with color printing limits, but still, you can go with a wide range of full-color options. There is a variety of sizes and shapes available in the market. You can also customized kraft paper boxes according to the size of the products.

Customers can guess the quality of your product when they see the packaging. Some elements contribute to making your packaging authentic, including printing how-to guides, ingredient, social media profiles, etc. Packaging design is very important for a brand as it reflects its personality and catches the customers’ attention. Printing beautiful designs on kraft paper can help your brand to become more visible to customers and helps in theri purchase decision. 

Highly Durable and Sturdy

We cannot deny the fact that packaging is for protecting your products. The wood pulp contains fibers that offer elasticity and strength to kraft paper. These features are very important to make your packaging durable that keep your products secure. 

Kraft paper contains multiple layers that make your packaging sturdy and keep products secure from grease, moisture, heat, and bacteria. There is also a kind of kraft paper that is highly absorbent and made of low kappa hardwood kraft. You can increase customer loyalty by delivering your products in custom kraft boxes. It builds a positive image of your brand and also boosts sales. 


Every brand needs cost-effective solutions. So, what are your thoughts? Well, you can save your money on custom packaging by choosing kraft paper boxes. They are economical but sturdy and promote your brand awareness. It increases sales by enhancing your brand’s image. 

Kraft paper is widely used for many purposes, such as:

  • Fast food 
  • Flour bags
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Envelopes
  • Jewelry goods
  • Bakery goods

Do you want to package your gifts? Then what else should be your first choice when you get the kraft boxes? They are presentable and highly attractive and also add value to your gifts. 

Final Thought

Your brand needs quality packaging to keep products secure and make them attractive, which you can do with custom kraft boxes. They are durable and protect the products during shipment. You can print as many designs on kraft paper boxes as they are versatile and available in all sizes and shapes. Pro Custom Packaging brings economical and durable kraft boxes wholesale in all shapes and layouts. Our professionals bring your designs into vision. 

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