What Documents Are Required Before Applying For A Schengen Visa?

What Documents Are Required Before Applying For A Schengen Visa?

There are certain requirements that an applicant must have to meet. If you fail to fulfil all these requirements, then it will cause the rejection of your visa application.

Documents Requirement For The Schengen Visa Application

To apply for a Schengen visa, you must require these documents: cover letter, your pics, passport, dummy tickets for visa, travel insurance, proof of accommodation, NOC letter, etc. There are the following documents that are compulsory for the schengen visa application:

  • Applicants must submit their schengen visa application to the embassy or the consulate in their country of residence. You should submit an application not earlier than 3 months from your proposed visa date. Approximately 37 questions on the application form must be filled out honestly. Any wrong information may result in the rejection of your schengen visa. The application form can be filled in more than one language. The embassy or consulate will let you know about which language you should use. 
  • You must have a valid passport which must be at least 10 years old and must have a validity of at least 3 months beyond your stay in the Schengen state.
  • When you apply for a schengen visa application, you must have comprehensive, adequate travel medical insurance to meet all medical emergencies during your stay in the schengen zone. You can easily apply online to purchase a travel insurance policy. Travel medical insurance must have at least 30,000 EUR to easily meet all hospital expenses and funerals in case of death.
  • Freshly taken 2 passport-size pictures with 35 mm (width) x 45 mm (height).
  • Submit your expired passport if you want to demonstrate that you have already visited the schengen area. If you have more than one passport, then submit all.
  • Your visa application must include a cover letter directly submitted to the embassy or consulate of the member state. You must write why you need a visa and your maximum stay in the schengen area. A well-written cover letter will help you in getting a visa. The cover letter should be concise and 2 pages at maximum.
  • Schengen visa applicants need to demonstrate that they have enough funds to meet their expenses in the Schengen country.
  • Applicants must have valid proof of accommodation. It may be a hotel or hostel reservation or a friend’s or family’s address where you want to stay in the Schengen country.
  • In the case of minors or applicants under 18, the application form is signed by both parents or guardians, and the birth certificate must be submitted.
  • Document showing civil status, which may be the marriage or birth certificate of the applicant applying for the visa.
  • The schengen visa fee can be easily paid at the visa office but is non-refundable. The visa fee that is charged is in EUR, which is the national currency of the third country. After paying the visa fee, you will receive the receipt that you have paid. The Schengen visa for adults is 80 EUR and is 40 EUR for children having age between 6 to 12. For minors less than 6 years, the schengen visa is free of cost.
  • You have to submit some extra documents depending on your working status:
  • You will have to provide the proof of your employment status as a student. In this regard, you may submit the certificate of enrollment from your educational institute. 
  • Original signed letter from your employer or recent payslip. In addition to the bank statement, you must also provide your employment contract and a vacation confirmation from your employer, which outlines the dates you have requested off from work and when you expect to return.
  • A flight reservation for visa application or return flight ticket is another essential part of the Schengen visa application. A representative at the embassy or consulate may ask you for proof that you will return to your home country. If you fail to present that, it may lead to cancellation of your visa.
  • Obtain a solicitor, accountant, or Companies House letter confirming your self-employed status.
  • Pension statements over the past six months as proof of retirement.

What If You Don’t Have All The Documents When Applying For A Schengen Visa?

Failure to submit the documents could result in the cancellation of the visa application. It is essential to provide all correct information, and any omission may be deemed suspicious and lead to significant delays or even denial of your visa request. There are some embassies that give you a time of 5 days to complete your missing documents during your application. 

However, it will take a long time to process your application. Your chances of visa application may increase if you fail to submit any of the documents on time or fail to explain why these documents are missing. That’s why always ensure you have collected all the documents before applying for the visa; it will smoothen the overall application procedure.

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