Beauty Blogs in UK

Beauty blogs can be an ideal way to stay informed on the latest products, trends and tips – as well as provide great inspiration for new looks! Below are some of the UK’s leading beauty bloggers.

Jane Cunningham is one of the best-known British beauty bloggers, boasting extensive product reviews and exciting new launches on her blog. Additionally, her website serves as an indispensable source for dupes and makeup hacks.

Jane Cunningham

She is known as a master of makeup, always sharing new looks and products to her fans. She frequently shares her favourite products and beauty secrets and works with many top brands; furthermore she emphasizes on providing followers with an integrated lifestyle.

Her blog provides everything from hair advice to beauty tips. She loves giving her fans insight into the latest beauty trends, while always providing trustworthy advice that’s helpful and trustworthy. While she may favor high-end brands over more accessible high street options, she will often recommend both of them!

Her blog covers everything related to beauty, fashion and travel and has amassed an enormously loyal readership since 2008. Additionally, she is well known for her YouTube reviews of products as well as film hauls; these videos are both fun and educational while her writing style stands out as one of the top UK beauty bloggers – her blog being one of many trusted resources for skincare and makeup advice.

Suzi Bonaldi

As a beauty blogger, it’s essential that your content is of high quality. To accomplish this, provide detailed product reviews, news updates and information as well as creating videos showing how to use beauty products effectively – this will allow you to reach more visitors and expand your following.

Lily Pebbles is a pioneer in beauty blogging with an enormous following across her blog and YouTube channel. Her videos offer fashion advice, makeup tutorials, skincare advice and much more; additionally she is widely recognized as an authority in skincare expertise with several books published to her credit.

Ruth Crilly, known by her blog name of in 2010, is one of the UK’s foremost beauty bloggers. Since 2010 she has shared her knowledge through both her website and YouTube channel with readers through makeup reviews, styling tips and lifestyle advice – even house renovations! Ruth also travels extensively and often collaborates with brands.

Hannah Gale

This beauty blogger specializes in makeup and skincare reviews as well as lifestyle articles on her blog, YouTube channel and travel. Additionally, there is a tab where readers can buy her recommended products on her site; her beauty advice has proven popular with women of all ages.

If you’re planning to launch a beauty blog, identifying an appropriate niche is key to success. Select one that interests and inspires you, with ample research of course – finding a devoted following will only come through quality content production that keeps people coming back! Publish regularly so as to draw them in while simultaneously keeping readers engaged!

Anna Newton (formerly Vivianna Does Makeup) hosts an impressively organized blog called The Anna Edit. Here she offers beauty products ranging from high-end brands to drugstore faves – making her blog essential reading for makeup enthusiasts! Her flat lays are irresistibly eye-catching and her product recommendations always spot-on!

The Sunday Girl

Adrienne Sondag is renowned beauty blogger known for sharing her enthusiasm for makeup and skincare with her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. From flat-lays to product reviews, her page is beloved among beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

Eleanor Pendleton of Australia is an accomplished former beauty editor. She founded Gritty Pretty to give readers unfiltered beauty advice and gorgeous pictures – from hydration hacks to styling coiled hair she always gives excellent advice.

Cult of Pretty is the place for beauty with an extra serving of humor! Ann Colville Somma, former beauty executive and creator of Cult of Pretty offers expert reviews of your favorite products as well as inspiring photos and wellness advice that is must-read material for living your best life.

Becky Doe

She is renowned for her captivating makeup tutorials, making her one of the UK’s top beauty bloggers. Both her blog and YouTube channel feature tips and tricks on how to apply different kinds of makeup while her vlogs provide even more informational value.

Full-time celebrity makeup artist and lifestyle vlogger, she boasts an immense following across platforms. Her blog covers topics including fashion, life and travel – as well as her beauty routine – from lipsticks to mattifiers – her site covers it all!

As the “minimalist beauty expert”, her blogs are clean and straightforward. She provides honest reviews of products she’s tried; videos include anything from quick five-minute makeup routines to skincare hauls; she advocates for mental health as she believes true beauty comes from within; book lovers will also appreciate that her blog features a section called ‘Reading’ where she recommends what books to read next! Her inspirational posts serve as great guides to those wanting to change their style or start loving themselves more fully.

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