You Must Use These Link Shorteners (Absolutely Free)

You Must Use These Link Shorteners (Absolutely Free)

In the digital age, where online presence and streamlined communication are paramount, URL shorteners have become a fundamental tool for professionals and casual users alike. These tools not only make it easy to share links but also provide data on how the links are performing. Here, we’ll explore the features and benefits of some free URL shorteners designed for popular platforms like Snapchat, Amazon, Zoom, and LinkedIn.

1. Snapchat URL Shortener

Snapchat, a platform known for its ephemeral content and vibrant user base, offers a URL shortener that is perfectly suited to its fast-paced environment. Snapchat URL Shortener is designed to make sharing links within the platform easier and more effective, especially given the limitations on text space and the temporary nature of posts.


  • Integration with Snapchat interface: Shortener integrates seamlessly with your Snapchat account, making it easy to include links in your profile or during promotions.
  • Permanence: Unlike Snaps, links created with Snapchat’s shortener do not expire, providing a permanent gateway to your content or website.
  • Customization: Users can customize their links, which increases brand recognition and trust among followers.

2. Amazon URL Shortener

Amazon URL Shortener is an invaluable tool for sellers and affiliates who need to share product links concisely and securely. Given the complexity of Amazon URLs, which often contain lengthy tracking information, a shortener can greatly improve the usability of these links.


  • Simplicity: Converts long, clunky Amazon product links into neat, manageable URLs.
  • Tracking Capabilities: Integrated tracking allows marketers and affiliates to monitor the performance of their links, including clicks and conversion rates.
  • Increased Click-Through Rate: Short, clean links are more attractive and trustworthy, leading to higher click-through rates from potential customers.

3. Zoom URL Shortener

As remote work and virtual meetings continue to dominate, Zoom URL Shortener comes as a boon for professionals. This tool simplifies the process of sharing meeting links, which is often cluttered with codes and passkeys.


  • Ease of Use: Quickly shorten Zoom meeting URLs to share via email, text or social media without overwhelming recipients with long links.
  • Security: The shortener includes options to include security features such as passwords directly in the URL, ensuring that only intended participants enter the meeting.
  • Custom Branding: Businesses can customize short links to reflect their branding, promoting a professional image during communications.

4. LinkedIn URL Shortener

LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, also offers a URL shortener that aims to improve how professionals share their content and profiles. Whether it’s for sharing articles, job postings, or personal profiles, the LinkedIn URL shortener helps maintain a polished and concise online presence.


  • Professional Look: Short links look cleaner and are more consistent with LinkedIn’s professional aesthetic.
  • Increased Engagement: Easy-to-read URLs tend to get more clicks, which can increase engagement on posts or profiles.
  • Analytics: LinkedIn provides insights into how your links are performing, including data on who is clicking on your links and from where which can be critical to networking and marketing strategies.


Whether you’re a social media influencer, corporate professional or online retailer, the right URL shortener can significantly enhance how you share and track your online content. Each platform-specific shortener mentioned here offers unique features tailored to its respective audience, enhancing not only simplicity and aesthetics but also valuable analysis and customization options. By using these tools, you can ensure that your digital communications are as effective and efficient as possible.