Ways to Boost Fertility in Women with Yoga for PCOS


Yoga has several benefits for your physical and mental body. So, it improves core strength, flexibility and boosts mental health, and releases stress and tension. Women with infertility face several problems related to their emotions, bodies, and relationship.

When a woman with PCOS tries everything to get pregnant and still fails after several medications then yoga can do wonders if they practice it regularly. So, many doctors recommend yoga to a woman with PCOS who is having pregnancy problems.

People all over the world are spending huge amounts of money every day to get pregnant. Therefore, you must boost the natural fertility of your body by practicing yoga to support the existing fertilization treatment when you are spending that much. According to research and study, regular practice of proper yoga will improve your fertility even if you are suffering from PCOS.

Here, we are going to discuss the roles and benefits, the importance, and the poses of  yoga for PCOS:

Roles And Benefits of PCOS:

Yoga releases deeply rooted stress and provides you with a peaceful mind. Therefore, it provides a positive effect on your body as your body is deeply connected to your mind. So, a healthy body and mind help to reduce PCOS problems and boost natural fertility.

Some yoga postures (Asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas) are specially designed for PCOS patients. So, it helps to stimulate the area of the pelvis, calms the mind, and provides relaxation.

This meditation practice cures your form core and helps you to de-stress and detoxify your entire system. However, yoga provides many more benefits to your fertility. So, here we are going to mention some important benefits of yoga for PCOS patients:

  •     Yoga improves flexibility
  •     Makes you proactive
  •     Improve your posture
  •     Provide core strength
  •     Improve the flow of your bloodstream
  •     Calm your nerve and provide relaxation
  •     Improve your sleep
  •     Improve body balance
  •     Reduce stress
  •     Improves focus
  •     Boost blood Circulation
  •     Reduce cholesterol level
  •     Stimulate the uterus and ovaries
  •     Cure anxiety and depression
  •     Balance level of hormones
  •     Strength Muscles
  •     Stimulates the system of Endocrine hormone
  •     Strengthen your immune system

Importance Of Yoga In Fertilization For PCOS Patients:

If you start practicing yoga regularly before the three months of trying to get pregnant then it will provide you with the best results even if you are suffering from PCOS. So, if you have any other health condition then consult with a doctor or yoga teacher who will provide a personalized yoga practice routine for you.

Gaining extra weight has a huge negative effect on PCOS patients.  So, many women with PCOS face weight gaining issues. The imbalance and changes in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other reproductive hormones cause this disease. So, studies and research suggest, you can regulate reproductive hormones and reduce your symptoms by practicing yoga regularly.

It also helps to regulate your period and induce ovulation. So, even lean women can also practice yoga to improve the regularity of their periods. Therefore, life with a regular period helps you to predict your ovulation date and you can easily decide your date of intercourse.

Yoga Poses To Boost Fertility In PCOS Women:

Surya Namaskar

  • This yoga can manage the menopause stage and is helpful for menstrual cramps. So, Suriya Namaskar strengthens the uterus and womb of women which makes their child’s birth process comparatively easier.
  • This yoga improves your sexual function. It fixes the sexual gland’s internal malfunctions and flows. On top of that, it increases your sexual appetite.

Bhramari Pranayama

Stress is one of the major reasons behind Infertility. So, this pose reduces anxiety, stress, and deep-rooted depression.


  • This yoga stretches your muscles in the hamstring, hips, and lower back.
  • It improves the function of necessary organs like the stomach and ovaries and reduces stress. So, these help you to improve your fertility.


This asana increases the flexibility of your body and releases stress from your abdomen area.

Janu Shirasana

  • This yoga practice is equally helpful for both conceiving and post-pregnancy time.
  • It relaxes the muscle of the abdomen by stretching your hamstring and calves.

Supta Baddha Konasana

  • It makes your groin and inner thigh muscle stronger
  • It also relieves muscle cramps, stress, and bloating.

Nadi ShoddanSranayama

  • It is an alternative to Anulom Ailom or nostril breathing.
  • It purifies the body and mind and reduces stress, depression, and any kind of negative emotions.


  • This yoga increases your blood flow and reduces stress
  • It stretches your back, hips, thigh, and knees muscles.


It helps to improve the blood circulation of your pelvic area and increases pregnancy chances.

Practicing yoga regularly is the best way to gain a healthy body and mind. So, you need to have a healthy body and mind if you want to conceive a child. However, women with PCOS face many difficulties regarding fertility. Therefore, they must include prescribed yoga for PCOS to improve their chance to get pregnant.