Top Places To Explore In Udaipur From Bygone Era


Udaipur is one of the glorious cities in Rajasthan that attracts tourists for its natural scenic settings, lively markets, revered temples, stately structures, scenic lakes (for which it is known as the City of Lakes) & other noteworthy sites. Home to many unique tourist attractions, there are places to explore in Udaipur that hold historical significance, which you will know when visiting this magnificent city of Rajasthan. 

Places to explore in Udaipur with historical significance

Those interested in exploring things from the bygone era must visit Udaipur in Rajasthan, as the city is dotted with many historical sites that make it a popular visit for tourists. It is an ideal travel destination you should tour with your family or friends. So let’s step back in time & discover the city’s rich cultural heritage with its glorious past.

City Palace

Once an erstwhile administrative complex for Maharanas of Udaipur, City Palace is one of the top gems of Udaipur, known for its architectural brilliance with a unique blend of Chinese, European, & Medieval styles. Standing tall in marble & granite, the construction of this structure took place under the rule of Maharana Udai Singh II, followed by his successors for over 400 years. Other than captivating exteriors, the interior structure of this palace is also worth noticing for its marble work, mirrors, & beautiful paintings adorning the walls.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon Ki Bari, as the name suggests, means Garden of Maidens and was built under the rule of Maharana Sangram Singh in the 18th century. It is famous for its marble structures, water fountains, & lush lawns. By historical fact, the king built it for his beloved queen & for his 48 maidens who accompanied her in the marriage. The garden is situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake, & houses a museum comprising royal items. To visit it, you prefer visiting during the evening to get a pleasant experience of hearing the chirping chorus of birds, flowing water from canals, & dying sun rays.

Moti Magri

Moti Magri is a tourist attraction on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake. When visiting this site, you will see the black bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his beloved horse, Chetak, carrying a spear in his hand. It was built in 1948 during the reign of Maharana Bhagwat Singh. The statue stands as the epitome of bravery & courage shown by Mewar’s valorous hero & his mount Chetak during the battle of Haldighati. You can click pictures to mark the token of your visit to Moti Magri for this stunning structure.

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple is also among the top places to explore in Udaipur. It is an ancient temple built in 1651 under Maharana Jagat Singh. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, whose one of the names is Jagdish, as per Vishnu Sahastranaam, this 3-storeyed holy shrine is admired for its spectacular Indo-Aryan architecture, decorated ceilings, & carved pillars. The display of dancers, horsemen, musicians, & elephants is worth noticing.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore Ki Haveli is one of the famous spots in Udaipur that cannot be missed when exploring the lake city of Rajasthan. Built between 1751 & 1778 under the reign of Amarchand Badwa, the Prime Minister of the Mewar kingdom. It was under the possession of the kingdom until the state government of Rajasthan took it under its supervision. It has 138 rooms on its premises, each acquainted with amazing mirrors, glassworks, & mural artworks. The fountain, balconies, courtyards, & jharokhas are other added features that captivate visitors’ attention.

Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace is one of the historical places to visit in Udaipur. Looking at it from a distance will remind you of a fairyland from Disney World. Well, it does make a significance in terms of its outlook & architectural marvel made with white marble edifice. Built-in 1884, this palace was initially considered an astronomical centre but later turned into a hunting lodge & monsoon retreat, which is why it is also called Monsoon Palace. Perched at 944 m on Banasdara Hill, it also features fountains, royal quarters with jharokhas, a central court, & a bronze statue of Maharana Pratap.

Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple is one of the revered temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in Udaipur. Built by Bappa Rawal in the 8th century, this holy shrine was attacked by Mughal rulers. Still, Mewar rulers later resurrected it, bringing back its original charm. The central attraction here is the deity’s 50 ft. four-faced marble idol. 

Jag Mandir Palace

Jag Mandir Palace is an opulent structure made with marble & yellow sandstone. Some architectural wonders you will spot here are Bara Patharon ka Mahal, Kunwar Pada ka Mahal, Zenana Mahal, Garden Courtyard, & Gul Mahal. This 3-storeyed palace also houses a small museum. An unknown yet intriguing fact about this palace is its inspiration behind the Taj Mahal-making by Shah Jahan. 

Ghanta Ghar

The foundation of Ghanta Ghar dates back 130 years ago. It is known to be the first clock for public viewing, holding a fascinating history behind it. According to a fact, once there was a conflict between two communities. These were Bohras of the Muslim sect & Mahajans from the Hindu sect. Holding both the communities responsible for triggering the conflict, he punished them with a fine of Rs 5000. Later, he erected a clock tower that represented the symbol of peace after convincing Maharana Fateh Singh.

Sahastrabahu Temple

Among the ancient temples of Udaipur, is Sahastrabahu Temple, lying in the outskirts of the city. This 10th-century shrine was built by King Mahipala for his lover, who had great faith in Lord Vishnu. Later on, another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was constructed beside it by his wife & son. Together, these shrines formed a Sahastrabahu Temple. It features an archway & intricate carvings on the walls depicting the incidents from Ramayana.

Ahar Cenotaphs

In the Ahar region lies the cenotaphs of Mewar’s valiant rulers & queens. Over 400 years, around 372 monuments have been constructed so far. The last one that belonged was Maharana Bhagwat Singh. Each cenotaph comes with astounding features, appearing more like temples of 15th-century temples with intricate craftsmanship. After exploring this spot, you can visit the Government museum, which is very close to the distance. Here also, you will be viewing the ancient sculptures & objects dating 3300 years ago.

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So this ends our travel guide of places to explore in Udaipur with a rich historical background. Rather than confine your visit to beautiful lakes, you must visit these sites as it would brush up your knowledge about the Mewar history & its rulers. So do make your visit fulfilling & reminiscing.