Janat Ki Taraf Janay walay Raastay Abdullah Saleem

Janat Ki Taraf Janay walay Raastay

1000 Say Ziyada Janat Ki Taraf Janay walay Raastay (Urdu) By Hafiz Abdullah Saleem Hafiz Abdullah Saleem’s “1000 Say Ziyada Janat Ki Taraf Janay walay Raastay” is a thought-provoking book.

Saleem explores the complexities of Islamic teachings in this masterwork,

Pointing readers in the direction of the roads that lead to paradise. He explains the virtues, deeds, and actions that lead to achieving Jannah, the ultimate reward (Paradise), by drawing on his profound understanding of the Quran and Hadith.

Introduction to Paradise (Jannah):

Saleem starts out by eloquently describing the splendour of Jannah as it is told in the Hadith and Quran. He emphasises its boundless happiness, splendour, and the abundance that awaits the pious believers.

The Significance of Pursuing Paradise:

Saleem highlights the importance of a Muslim’s pursuit of Jannah in their lives. He clarifies how people should be inspired to carry out good deeds and abstain from sin by their longing for paradise.

The Thousand Paths to Paradise:

Saleem’s investigation of over a thousand routes to paradise forms the core of this book. He divides these routes into several categories, such as:

Acts of Worship:

Saleem talks about how important it is to carry out required acts of worship like Sawm (fasting), Salah (prayer), Zakat (charity), and Hajj (voyage).

Virtuous Character and Conduct:

Saleem emphasises the importance of having virtues like kindness, patience, honesty, humility, and patience.

Serving Humanity:

Saleem goes into detail about the benefits of lending a hand to those in need, providing food for the hungry, consoling the upset, and showing kindness to one’s neighbours.

Seeking Knowledge:

For the sake of Allah’s pleasure, Saleem emphasises the significance of seeking out and disseminating beneficial knowledge.

Dhikr and Dua:

Saleem explains the benefits of routinely remembering Allah (Dhikr) and making requests of Him (Dua). Saleem stresses the importance of having a sincere repentance and asking for forgiveness for one’s transgressions.

Love for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Saleem talks about how important it is to love and follow the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. Saleem explains the virtues of gratitude for blessings received and patience in the face of adversity.

Path to Paradise Obstacles:

Saleem lists typical roadblocks that prevent people from entering paradise, including conceit, envy, hypocrisy, and disobedience to religious duties. In summary, Saleem reminds readers in the last chapters of the value of perseverance in achieving paradise and exhorts them to keep working towards Allah’s pleasure.

In summary, “1000 Say Ziyada Janat Ki Taraf Janay walay Raastay”

An extensive manual that provides priceless insights into Islamic teachings on achieving paradise. Hafiz Abdullah Saleem’s thorough investigation of the different routes to Jannah is a source of light for believers hoping to live virtuously and achieve everlasting happiness in the hereafter. This book teaches readers about more than just the good deeds and virtues that lead to paradise.

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