Ideas to Reinvent Conference Management and Planning

Conference Management

It is very challenging to keep a conference fresh and unexpected, which is also essential. As they are hosted for many reasons and are of various types, they add great value to the attendees. For conference management and planning, you are always looking for new and innovative ways that can spark the interest of the attendees and host successfully. No matter the type and shape of the conference, these events sometimes can be difficult and tedious. There are multiple types to host such as using a virtual conference platform that can help to host without the need of a physical location or a hybrid conference. 

In this blog, we will discuss some great ideas that can be used for conference event management and planning to host successfully.

Make Sure the Venue and Theme Align With the Conference

You need to select the venue by considering the needs of your group because alternative venues can lend unexpected attention to the conference. Multiple locations like museums, theatres, sports arenas, etc. have hosted conferences. And for successful conference management, your event location should properly align with the event. It should set the stage for the event rather than stealing the show. Moreover, the venue should be able to cater to the needs of the overall event. This means it should have a comfortable size of space for big groups, breakout sessions if your attendees require, adequate restrooms, and more. The conference that acquires attendees from different places is particularly well served by the convenience of accommodations. Thus, the conference management is done according to the needs of those attendees. 

Give Your Attendees Networking Opportunities

Networking is one of the top reasons why people attend conferences, so get your event badges ready. There is no doubt that in-person networking is much more effective than networking online over a virtual conference platform. These events allow attendees to talk and interact with each other to build connections, giving them more exposure and networking opportunities. Even if you are incorporating any kind of event technology, then make sure that it can effectively facilitate networking for the attendees. For instance, if you are using an event app a part of your conference event management and planning the app itself can support networking:

  • Before the conference, it can allow the attendees to import their existing profiles from LinkedIn instead of making them create an event-specific profile. This will help them to network and mark their interests and specialities by seeing other profiles.
  • During the conference, the app can help the attendees to interact with each other by using the chat feature. Making it easy to connect with each other during the conference.
  • After the conference, the attendees can maintain the connections they have made by exchanging information during the event.

Build a Detailed Content Plan

Before starting the conference, poll your audience about the topic, sub-topic, or depth of the subject knowledge. This can get you better insights and thoughts about their needs and what they are expecting, which can lead to successful conference management and planning. There are multiple options for retaining the views of the audience, you can use social media platforms to get these insights. Or you can simply ask your previous attendees by getting in touch with them. And if all this fails, poll a group of potential attendees that are likely to come or whose interest puts them within your target audience. After getting the insights in hand, you can take further necessary actions like selecting the speakers or planning the lineup.

Make a Conference Marketing Plan

Creating a conference website for your marketing can play a major part in supporting the entire event. As it can make it easy for the audience to spot and find what they need. Optimize the website according to the search engine so that it is convenient for the audience to find. Incorporate relevant keywords in your website so that when they search for a similar conference, you are visible to them. This also plays a major role in conference event management as it can give all the data and information regarding registration. Other than this you can also leverage social media platforms, email marketing, PPC campaigns, and other strategies. All these are great ways to market your conference and reach the potential audience.

Eliminate the Common Conference Headaches

During an event, many problems can arise, and they can be related to anything like if you are using a hybrid conference platform you can face connectivity issues. Or you can face difficulties during management such as check-ins. There is no getting around these issues, but you can look out for them and be prepared. Some common issues that can be a headache are discussed below:

  • Clarify your cancellation policies as they can be set according to you, but be sure that you make them clearly visible.
  • If you are incorporating any kind of technology or software solution for your conference, make sure that you provide proper training to the staff. For instance, if you are using a check-in tool familiarize your staff with it, or if you are using conference management software, get yourself familiar with it.
  • Get the security loop in as early as possible so that it can be integrated from the beginning instead of rearranging them later.
  • Establish an effective way of communication to avoid any kind of unnecessary trouble. This will prevent duplication of tasks, and keep your staff and team coordinated with each other, which will enhance the conference event management.


Conferences can require a lot of work and planning because they are hosed based on a purpose. Which makes them hard to manage as everything is required to be on point. For conference management and planning, there are a lot of things that are needed to be considered. In order to host them successfully and without any hindrance, there are multiple aspects that are needed to be recognized. The above-mentioned are some of the best ideas that can reinvent the management and planning for a conference.