How To Properly Clean a Fireplace

How To Properly Clean a Fireplace

A fireplace is always cozy and warm in the house. But it is sometimes difficult to preserve it for a long time, because frequent use of the hearth invariably leads to the appearance of impurities in the furnace and other parts of it, which disrupt the operation of the device. Cleaning the fireplace helps to solve the problem. It will prevent malfunctions in the functioning of the equipment and extend its service life.

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How to clean the fireplace yourself

It is not necessary to resort to the help of specialists to clean the hearth. The main thing is to choose the right cleaning products, because low-quality chemicals can damage the oven or spoil its appearance. The complete cleaning process includes several stages:

  • cleaning the outer part of the structure;
  • cleaning the fireplace from soot;
  • chimney cleaning (on average, it should be done once a year).

The fireplace must be cleaned regularly, but the periodicity of treatment is always calculated individually and largely depends on the intensity of use of the equipment and its correct operation. For cleaning, purchase specialized substances. They will not affect the overall condition of the chimney, will not spoil the cladding, and will help to quickly get the desired result.

How to choose the right tools for cleaning the fireplace

The task of chemistry for cleaning the furnace is to simplify the care of the structure, make it fast and less energy-consuming. Few of the fireplace owners want to spend the whole day washing out soot, soot and soot. Special cleaners help to clean the firebox and the outside of the fireplace quickly and effortlessly. Before using the tool, be sure to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions. Many substances are added directly to the furnace with burning fuel and begin to work while the wood is burning.

Under the influence of high temperature, the agents begin to soften the soot in the chimney and contribute to its detachment from the walls of the pipe. Contamination enters the furnace, where it is easy to remove it after the combustion stops.

In addition to chimney cleaners, a wide range of tools for solving other tasks is on sale. These are special sponges, briquettes, granules, liquid substances. They are designed to help perform cleaning:

  • chimneys;
  • furnace;
  • the outer part of the fireplace;
  • other heat source elements.

When choosing chemistry, take into account the materials from which the oven is made, the recommendations of the appliance manufacturer, and the cost of the products. You can choose inexpensive specialized means that work no worse than expensive chemicals.

Do you need to clean the fireplace often?

Each fireplace owner must independently monitor the condition of the equipment and prevent the accumulation of a large amount of dirt. It is much more difficult to remove thick layers of soot and soot than to regularly remove small amounts of dirt. To optimize the cleaning process, follow simple rules:

  • Use only high-quality fuel to light the fireplace. The logs should be dry, with minimal resin content. As an alternative, you can use special briquettes for the hearth. Burning in the hearth of objects not intended for this purpose, garbage, low-grade fuel is a real way to quickly pollute the fireplace.
  • Regularly inspect the smoke system, check the absence of foreign objects and accumulations of dirt.
  • To clean the hearth, use only specialized means. Make sure the chemistry is safe and certified.

These simple rules will help to simplify the process of caring for the fireplace, speed up cleaning, and extend the service life of the equipment. Knowing how to properly clean the fireplace from soot, you will be able to maintain an attractive appearance of the stove, minimize the risks of carbon monoxide leakage into the room, and outbreaks. Regular care will allow you to maintain traction in the required amount and increase the efficiency of the device.

In addition to internal cleaning of the furnace, it is necessary to take care of the external attractiveness of the equipment.

How to clean the glass in the fireplace?

In order to achieve maximum safety in the operation of fireplace equipment, most modern models of devices are equipped with glass. It gets dirty quite quickly and needs regular cleaning. There are several ways to correct the situation.

In most cases, fireplace owners make a choice between folk remedies and specialized chemistry for glass. You can cope with the task either way. Chemicals are easy to buy in a store. But you won’t even have to spend money on some “folk” ones.

The glass can be cleaned with ash. Apply ashes from the fireplace on a wet sponge and wipe the glass with the resulting slurry. After the surface is free of plaque and soot, wash off the remaining dirt with clean water. Wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Another way

to clean glass with improvised means is to use an ammonia solution. Dilute 1 teaspoon of table vinegar and the same amount of ammonia in 0.5 liters of water. Using a sprayer, treat the glass with the solution. In a few minutes, the plaque will begin to leave the surface.

Remove it with a sponge and wipe the glass with a cloth or paper. Vinegar will be an excellent solution for those who are looking for an answer to the question “How to clean a brick fireplace?” Wet the soot with water and treat the surface with vinegar. After softening the soot, thoroughly wash off the dirt with water and wipe the stove dry.

The use of such products will preserve the health of people living in the house, because these substances are absolutely harmless. At the same time, they will help extend the life of the fireplace. Reduce the time spent on cleaning, and reduce the cost of purchasing special tools.

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