Here’s How Splatter Guard For Frying Pan Can Become Your Kitchen Helper

Silicone splatter screen for 13 frying pan helps prevent splatters while you cook with the kitchen splatter screen. The screen’s fine mesh captures splatters while enabling steam to escape, helping to offer protection from hot splashes on the stove. The grease screen also assists you maintain clean kitchen wall, stovetop, furniture and save precious time on cleanup after meal prep! You and your family will certainly appreciate a grease free kitchen! This grease splatter screen that will perfectly fit most cooking pots and frying pans. Large silicon splatter screen guard is suit for any 13 inches or smaller pots and pans. Also doubles as a strainer, steamer, and a cooling rack and stores so you can go from kitchen to table with smaller amount of kitchen gadgets.

  • Safe cooking

No one wants to get burned or splattered by hot oil or other liquids, particularly when you have little kids around. This anti oil pan cover can guard you and your dear ones, guard your hands from painful burns. And the handle is also covered with silicone which can keep your hands away from the heat. 

With the best grease splatter guard for frying pan, you can fry the appetizing food you want and stay secure and clean. This is a perfect tool for professional and home chef. 

  • No more messy kitchen

Messy kitchen becomes a nightmare when you begin cooking but not anymore! Use the screen to prevent hot oil and grease, boiling water and food particles from splattering onto you and burning you! Your counter, stovetop, clothes, and walls will be kept clean.

  • Cook with confidence

Just keep this spatter guard handy in your cooking area always, and you are protected. Oil and grease will be trapped in the skillet or wok by our fine mesh grease catcher fryer screen. Steam gets away, ensuring that your food is actually fried and not steamed, as it would be if using a lid.

  • Dishwasher safe and storage friendly

Give your splatter screen a wipe and wash it under running water or place in a dishwasher. Its slim profile and foldable handle allow it to be easily stored between pots and pans or just hang it on.

  • Multi-Purpose

A splatter screen is perfect for use while simmering food. The screen will have the splatter and allow the steam to escape, while the pan and food maintain a steady heat level. The screen can also be used for draining and straining pots and pans, or as a cooling rack for cookies and cupcakes.

This cost-effective set of kitchen anti splatter guard offers you the best value possible! The different sizes of keep-it-clean screen can be used in a vast range of pots, skillets and pans, served as small frying pan cover or large hot pot splatter guard lid. No need to pull out the big iron wok guard for small tasks anymore! You will enjoy more flexibility knowing whatever state it is; you always have the tool handy with the correct size!

You will feel confident to allow these splatter screen protectors to serve you at the same time, because they are so multipurpose! They double as steamers, strainers, and even cooling racks. During various stages of cooking, this incredible set will ease the process and make your life easier! It also enables steam to escape. So sit back and enjoy the food with your family faster than before!

Overall, using a splatter guard is an easy yet effectual way to stop mess, save time and improve safety in the kitchen. When purchasing a splatter guard, there are few important things to consider.

  • First, make sure that the size of the cooking splash guard fits your pan or skillet.
  • Then search for a perforated design as this allows steam and heat to circulate while cooking.
  • Finally, ensure it is made from high-quality material such as stainless steel, so that it is hard-wearing and can withstand the heat.

Covering the pan with a lid would entrap the steam inside the pan, making your food damp. Fortunately, the splatter shield for the stove is designed to block hot oil from popping and keep your hands and face safe from malicious oil burns. This innovative kitchen utensil also guards your stove and counters from greasy stains and greatly helps decrease the clean-up afterward.

Oil splatter guards are intended to let the steam out so you can achieve crispy and crunchy foods.

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