Empowering Minds: Top 10 Entrepreneur Motivational Speakers in India 2024

entreprenuer motivational speaker

The business geography in India is evolving at a rapid pace. With boosting globalization and cut- throat competition, entrepreneurs are facing unique challenges in starting up and measuring their businesses. In this dynamic environment, motivational speakers play a vital part in inspiring entrepreneurs and equipping them with the right mindset, skills and strategies to succeed. Then’s a list of the top 10 entrepreneur motivational speakers in India who are making a huge impact through their declamations, mentorship and documents

PC Musthafa

PC Mustafa is the author and CEO of ID Fresh Food, aRs. 100 crore ready- to- cook packaged food company grounded in Bangalore. Starting from humble onsets with just 10 kgs of batter product per day in 2005, he has gauged the company to 75,000 packets per day with a platoon of 1300 workers across multiple locales in India and abroad.

Through his inspiring journey of turning his passion for traditional South Indian foods into a successful business, PC Mustafa motivates entrepreneurs on how relating the right occasion and executing it diligently can lead to exponential growth. He stresses on the significance of creating a social impact alongside gains.

Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal innovated OYO Apartments at the youthful age of 18 and turned it into a global hotel chain present across 800 metropolises in 80 countries within a many times. The Story of a council powerhouse who assembled a multi-billion dollar unicorn through perseverance, courage and out- of- the- box thinking is largely motivating for youthful entrepreneurs.

Through his addresses, Ritesh emphasizes that lack of formal education or assiduity experience shouldn’t discourage one from pursuing their intentions. He also shares precious learnings on fundraising, recruiting gifts and scaling internationally.

Rashmi Bansal

Rashmi Bansal is an entrepreneur known for her poignant speeches on entrepreneurship and leadership. Through her best-dealing books like” Stay Empty Stay Foolish” and” Connect the Blotches,” she not only shares inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs but also imparts priceless assignments on adaptability, invention, and seizing opportunities. Her engaging speaking style and real-world perceptivity reverberate deeply with aspiring entrepreneurs, kindling their passion and guiding them on the path to success.

Simarpreet Singh

Simarpreet Singh is a keynote and entrepreneur motivational speaker concentrating on sustainability. He’s the co-founder of Hartek Group, a leading engineering and renewable energy company in India.

Simarpreet inspires audiences through his journey of relating his true purpose of creating a better world for future generations. He emphasizes the significance of passion-driven pretensions, social responsibility, and green business strategies for long-term enduring success. His addresses give a roadmap for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Also Listen to his podcast on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7jjjahWKvzuJLycwqOf7pw

Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera is a prominent motivational speaker whose transformative messages on leadership, success, and particular development have left an unforgettable mark on countless individualities worldwide. Best known for his acclaimed book” You Can Win,” Khera’s talks are characterized by their practical wisdom, motivational stories, and practicable strategies for achieving one’s pretensions. With a captivating presence and a wealth of experience, he continues to inspire audiences to unleash their potential and strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives.

Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra is a largely sought-after business trainer and motivational speaker known for his dynamic presentations on entrepreneurship, leadership, and deals excellence. As the author and CEO of Bada BusinessPvt.Ltd., he leverages his expansive experience and deep understanding of business dynamics to empower entrepreneurs and commercial professionals likewise. Bindra’s high-energy sessions are characterized by their practical perceptivity, practicable takeaways, and emphasis on nonstop learning and adaption in the evolving business geography.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a renowned figure in the realms of holistic wellness and particular transformation, whose profound perceptivity have inspired millions to lead more fulfilling lives. Through his talks on spirituality, awareness, and success, Chopra islands the gap between ancient wisdom and ultramodern wisdom, offering practical guidance for achieving balance and fulfillment. His capability to trick complex generalities into accessible training, combined with his engaging speaking style, makes him a revered tutor for individualities seeking holistic growth and self-discovery.

Vishal Gondal

Vishal Gondal is a periodical entrepreneur best known as the Father of Indian Gaming Industry’. At the age of 16, he innovated Indiagames which became India’s largest mobile gaming company. He went on to establish GOQii, a leading preventative healthcare tech company.

As a pioneer in the digital content and health tech industries, Vishal provides perceptivity on relating high-implicit requests, developing disruptive products, and employing one’s passion to succeed against all odds. His focus is on inspiring invention and stimulant of creative problem-working chops.

Alok Kejriwal

Alok Kejriwal is an encyclopedically famed speaker and CEO/co-founder of Games2Win, a global mobile gaming business with over 20 million yearly active users. He preliminarily sold his earlier startup Mobile2Win to Walt Disney.

Through his experience of creating assiduity-leading gambles, Alok shares literacy on entrepreneurship, digital business models, creativity, economic invention, and scaling operations encyclopedically. He emphasizes how embracing an out-of-the-box approach combined with patient prosecution can lead to exponential success.

Nitin Saluja

Nitin Saluja is the CEO and author of Chaayos, India’s leading tea cafe chain. He pursued his passion for tea to establish a fleetly growing F&B incipiency valued at hundreds of crores moment.

Through his experience of relating a niche occasion and strictly scaling operations, Nitin shares perceptivity on employing one’s passion, disruptive business models, effective force chain operation, and achieving snappy growth. His story stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit.


In conclusion, the motivational speakers successfully demonstrate how patient pursuit of one’s pretensions and dreams can lead to erecting phenomenally successful gambles. Their addresses give a perfect mix of strategy, alleviation, and real-life experience. In the dynamic business world of 2024, entrepreneurs can greatly profit from their guidance on providing sustainable and scalable enterprises.