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Miami Magic Tanks

The Miami Magic Tanks County Fair & Exposition is a 21-day event that offers excitement for all. In addition to enticing fair food and exhilarating carnival rides, the fair features captivating livestock shows, student competitions, and live entertainment.

Miami Magic infusion cream chargers are an industry leading product designed to make your refill process easier and quicker. They are much more efficient than traditional and modern cream chargers, with less wastage.

Miami Magic Tanks

Miami Magic Tanks Infusions

Miami Magic Tanks is an established and renowned brand offering cutting-edge 9G Blue cream chargers and cylinders to revolutionize and enhance your culinary experience. Designed with themes from the fun Miami lifestyle these canisters offer industry leading quality and a standout design that’s sure to impress. These cylinders are perfect for preparing world-class drinks, dishes, and cocktails with an amazing flavour infusion.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory, these innovative products are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. Due to their larger size and time-saving refill technique, wastage is significantly decreased (requires regulator kit and adapter hose, sold separately). Each canister holds around 75 conventional chargers and outperforms traditional methods like hand whipping and more modern cream chargers.

These 580g E942 / food grade nitrous oxide canisters are the perfect tool for adding a sophisticated flair to your drinks and dishes. They can be used to make all kinds of novelty food dishes, cocktails, and beverages, from simple whipped cream to quick flavour-infused drinks. They’re also great for creating impressive culinary foams and mousses.

These versatile canisters are made from durable materials and have a convenient spigot for dispensing. They also feature a stylish and sleek design that’s perfect for adding a pop of colour to your bar or kitchen. They’re easy to clean and will look great on any bar or restaurant counter. Each cylinder is supplied with a single plastic release valve to facilitate safe and responsible disposal.

9G Blue Cream Chargers & Cylinders

Miami Magic Tanks Infusions is a cutting edge company offering industry leading 9G blue cream chargers and cylinders. That revolutionize the way you prepare your food and drinks. Based on themes of the fun Miami lifestyle. These canisters and chargers are a must have for anyone who wants to make their food, drinks, and desserts look good as well as taste fantastic.

The high-quality nitrous oxide (N2O) contained within these canisters is pure and can be used for all kinds of culinary purposes, from whipping to create amazing culinary foams to rapidly infusing liquids like alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, vinegars, and oils. These canisters are made in a state-of-the-art factory and are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, decreasing wastage through their larger size and time-saving refill process. They also outperform traditional hand whipping methods. And come with a plastic release valve that can be discarded once the canister is empty.

Each canister is filled with up to 8.5g of the highest-quality kitchen grade N2O, making it easy to whip up a large volume of creamy whipped cream and other light culinary foams. The canisters are painted with a special finish that prevents moisture from entering and rusting the inside. They feature an ergonomically-designed handle for comfortable handling. These canisters are compatible with all brands of cream dispensers, including Skywhip and Mr. Whip. They are easy to install and clean.

Classic Whipped Cream Canisters

This high-quality cream dispenser features three decorative nozzles and is made with stainless steel that’s more durable than other models. The nozzles are easy to screw in and out of the canister. So you can switch between different styles to customize your whipped cream. The ICO canister also comes with a storage cap that keeps it clean while in the fridge.

This professional-grade kitchen tool increases whipped cream production more than other brands and is easy to clean. It has an ergonomic handle and a stylish premium black satin finish that’s great for any home or commercial kitchen. It’s a good choice for making whipped cream and other foams, as well as sauces, hot soups, and infused drinks.

Unlike other types of whipping machines. This professional-grade canister only uses the power of nitrogen gas to transform liquid cream into light and fluffy whipped cream. Any other gas would curdle the cream and ruin its texture. This canister is available in a range of sizes and finishes. It comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

These innovative Miami Magic Tanks cylinders are designed to maximize productivity and efficiency in professional kitchen settings. They feature a removable head valve and a silicone seal, making it easier to refill and clean. The large capacity allows you to get more out of each charger. The time-saving refill process helps reduce wasted gas.

Flavour Infusions

Infusing food and drinks with a wide array of flavors makes for an exciting culinary adventure. The chemistry of infusions allows herbs, berries, fruit and even flowers to be steeped into a variety of liquids including water, alcohol, vinegar, oil and sugar syrup. This simple process combines the liquid with botanic elements that are gently heated, allowed to steep. And then strained or removed from the mixture. Infusions are common in many foods and beverages including flavored tea, French press coffee, limoncello and countless cocktails.

There are two methods for infusing; hot and cold. Hot infusions are usually done with warm (room temperature or higher) liquids and require the element to be heated so that their volatile oils can be unlocked. Sometimes with a pleasing bitter note from tannins. Hot infusions are best used when you want your ingredients to steep for a shorter period of time. This method is a popular choice for making tea and coffee, as well as syrups and flavored oils.

Cool or cold infusions typically involve a longer steeping time and allow the aromatics to slowly release their flavor into the liquid. This method is the preferred way to make infused oils. As it retains more of the delicate flavors of herbs and fruits, and is often done for infused syrups and some flavored vinegars. This is also the preferred method for creating infused alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and beer. Since it allows you to experiment with unique flavors that would be difficult to produce at high abv infusions.