5 Best B&B To Try In Dubai 2023 Updated Choices

Five Best B&B To Try In Dubai: 2023 Updated Choices, the term B&B is quite popular nowadays. It means the service of breakfast in bed. This concept is cool because most people on vacation look for this service. They will get complimentary breakfast every day straight to their beds without any hassles. This has attracted many people, and now it is one of the most chosen accommodation plans. To book such places, check out online travel operators which offer codes such as Hotels.com codes. Basically, this will help you to save time and money.

Mazmi Casa

The first B&B on the list is Mazmi Casa. It is an Italian-inspired bed and breakfast accommodation that offers the beauty of UAE culture. The chain of hotels is known for its expertise in coffee. The luxurious stay is situated at the spot from where you can see the stunning city. It is near Jumeirah, which ensures some refreshing hours on the beach. They offer multiple amenities that cannot be compared with any other place. Their hospitality is equally awesome, and there is no chance the guests won’t cherish this unique experience. Their facilities of daily housekeeping, bar, free Wi-Fi, laundry and delicious restaurants make them a top choice in this list.

Grand Millennium Business Bay

Secondly, we have the Grand Millennium Business Bay. In Downtown Dubai, this is one of the best stays to choose from. They have unlimited facilities which cover all your interests within the infrastructure. The Pan Asia restaurant, club, special suites, canal views, health club, espresso machines and minibars are a few of the benefits you will unlock at the Grand Millenium. They have exclusive packages which will assist you in booking your B&B at the cheapest possible prices. The fact that they have free shuttle rides to the most iconic attractions around the city makes this booking even more worth it! Other than that, they have a swimming pool, health club, wellbeing centres and ballroom. 

Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers

The Taj Jumeirah comes up next. It is the best accommodation if you are looking for B&B services. It is situated near Marina Beach and has comfortable rooms. There are amenities like swimming pools, airport shuttle, fitness centre, room service, coffee maker and bar. All the previous guests have rated their breakfast service as one of the best they have ever tasted. That means lazy and cosy mornings are in when you come to Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers. The breakfast serves continental, Italian, halal, and many sorts of meals. Plus, the place is near and surrounded by several beaches, so you can enjoy a good view from your room.

City Seasons Towers

Dubai has several hotels to stay at, but the B&B services are the best at City Seasons Towers. This is an iconic as well as a futuristic city centre hotel. It is the perfect spot for spending the weekend and relaxing without any worries. The 14-storey building has beautiful architecture, which makes every corner of the place picturesque. The City Seasons is great for staying with family and is even couple-friendly. The elegant space even offers scrumptious meals. The basic facilities that you will get are airport transfer and 24/7 room services. Do choose this B&B as it caters to providing comfort at its peak.  

Holiday Inn Express

Last on the list is Holiday Inn Express. It is one of the most talked about B&B all around the world. This accommodation offers smart travelling ideas. It has been revolutionising the hospitality market for over 30 years. This shows the growth of this brand in more than 50 countries. It has an equally good reputation in Dubai. The city of love, life and culture can be explored pretty well by choosing this place. Holiday Inn Express offers great prices and high-quality stays at the most popular locations. It is near Sheikh Zayed Road and also the biggest shopping malls. This demonstrates the expansion of this brand into more than 50 nations. In Dubai, it enjoys a similar good reputation. By selecting this location, you can pretty thoroughly experience the city of love, life, and culture. At the most well-liked areas, Holiday Inn Express provides affordable lodging with excellent service. It is close to the largest shopping complexes and Sheikh Zayed Road.


The main purpose of booking a B&B is to enjoy lazy vacations. No one wants to get up early or do their own tasks while staying in these places. That’s why you should choose B&B to get breakfast in bed, along with several amenities. Most of the places listed above offer great services, and sometimes they are even complimentary. Make sure to book these through travel apps such as the Hotels.com coupon. This will help in massive savings, and you can use that later for other expenses. While staying in these areas, nobody wants to get up early or complete their own responsibilities.